Daisy Shoppe's Essential Spring Activities List

Spring is arguably the cutest season (floral prints and pretty dresses, anyone?) so naturally we love it here at Daisy Shoppe! Here are some fun activities to help you live up Spring to the fullest! 

Which of these activities are you excited to try this season?

Daisy Shoppe's Essential Spring Activities

1. Drive to see the Superbloom- but remember to be respectful!
2. Try out a new hiking spot
3. Re-plant some succulents into fun new pots
4. Go to a baseball game
5. Learn how to make macrame decor
6. Shop at your local farmers' market
7. Check a destination off your bucket list
8. Enjoy the beach before summer vacay hits
9. Go to an outdoor concert
10. Pick up some fresh flowers
11. Add a midi dress and a wide brimmed hat to your wardrobe

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