Daisy Shoppe Spring Bucket List

spring bucket list, things to do in spring

Spring is in full swing, so in celebration, we put together a list of things we want to check off our bucket list for the season! We invite you to join in on the fun with us!

  1. Spring cleaning! Make some room for the seasons new clothes. Bonus points if you donate your items!
  2. Have a picnic
  3. Start a succulent garden
  4. Bring some fresh flowers into your home
  5. Buy some decorative throw pillows to add to your couch or outdoor patio furniture
  6. Go on a bike ride
  7. Shop at your local farmers market
  8. Go on a daycation or trip that’s been on your bucket list
  9. Try a new dessert recipe
  10. Dye your hair with temporary color!
  11. Go to a baseball game
  12. Add a wrap dress to your wardrobe

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